Friday, 18 April 2014

Hot Hands.

 photo DSC_0367_e_zps2533532f.jpg  photo DSC_0358_e_zpsc20dbcba.jpg  photo DSC_0424_e_zpse8ed49bc.jpg Dress - Boohoo
Cardigan - Topshop (via Ebay)
Boots - Newlook
*Necklace - Vinca Jewelry

Sup! I've been finding it kind of difficult to do posts while working! But i'm getting there, so hopefully ya'll stick it out! I pretty much live in smock dresses, and I love this one from Boohoo, I think it's perfect for all seasons, because of the darks, and the brights. I really love the neon(ish) purple of the flowers, it really stands out from a distance, and I don't have anything else with this sort of colour in my collection.
The colour of the cardigan works well with the dress.(them greens and purples, girl) And it's super swishy, and pretty old really, I should get rid of it, but that's what makes it more wearable I guess.
I ate a cadbury's creme egg before writting this, so sorry about the odd (typing) outburst's, it's literally what goes through my head as I'm typing, haha.
Have a lovely Easter!^..^

Friday, 11 April 2014

Vinca Jewelry

 photo DSC_0280_E_zps5f019b54.jpg  photo DSC_0258_E_zpscff931d0.jpg  photo DSC_0270_E_zpsd24f4f13.jpg

I was contacted by Vinca Jewelry a couple of weeks ago, asking if I'd like to try out a couple of items from their site, and as soon as I clicked onto their website, I was impressed. It's an american brand, and it's made by an all female team. (girl power!) The point of the brand is that whatever your style, there's something that suits pretty much everyones taste!

I love that it's acrylics cut into cute shapes, I really don't have anything like these in my collection, and that's what makes the brand unique. As soon as I saw these *Boston Terrier earrings, I knew I was going to have them, for many years now I've wanted to have my own Boston Terrier pup, so this helps towards that unhealthy obsession. I love the *Crow necklace, most of my necklaces are bog standard, with a pendant on the end, so I found this really interesting, It looks really nice over most of my tops, especially more coloured ones, as it stands out that bit more!

I just want to say that the edges on the earrings and necklace really aren't that sharp, and i've never caught myself on them.
Thank you to the team at Vinca Jewelry for giving me the opportunity to try out your lovely items!

Although I was contacted by Vinca Jewelry, these are all my thoughts and opinions.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday, I'm in love.

 photo BkPcZXsIUAE4LiV_zps977873e1.jpg
The past couple of weeks have been pretty good to me, so it felt right to do one of these posts!

This week..
I got a job in Monsoon/Accessorize (last week) and I've been getting on so well, I've been really enjoying it, which I'm surprised about, as I thought I'd find it very difficult at first.
New duvet cover! (in the picture)
Nice breezy days, but not hot days, I'm not okay with that.
Another smock dress! Hopefully summer will treat me better in this dress!
Soothers! And cherry flavoured throat spray, that's battling my sore throat!
My family & friends for they're support, and encouragement with my new job.

I'd also just like to say thank you to those who have wished me well with my new job via twitter & blog posts, this community is honestly amazing, you're all the best!♥♥


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Instagram #003

I know I'm probably not going to have enough time to do an outfit post this week, so I thought I'd stop putting off my Instagram post, (because I knew there would be a loooot!) I've narrowed it down as much as I could, because it would have got a bit dull otherwise!

 photo 1_zps02f357aa.jpgOOTD snippet. // Yummy smoothie I made.

 photo 2_zps6767f5d6.jpg #TBT to me getting excited about Krispy Kreme opening up. // Rocking the geeky glasses.

 photo 3_zpsfae264e7.jpg Looking like a widow. // Bath, rocky road hot chocolate, Lush & Yankee candle♥ 

 photo 4_zps4f0f4d98.jpg V-day Pancakes!// V-day Peanut butter & nutella cookies!♥ 

 photo 5_zpsaa5aa8b7.jpg Fresh bedding. // Classy bathroom ootd.

 photo 6_zpsfb27f536.jpg Did a little shopping. // Puppys too sassy for selfies.

 photo 7_zpsa45c0d00.jpg I want to live here. // It's Wednesday (on Wednesdays, we were black.)

 photo 8_zps67760231.jpg New phone case♥♥ // My weakness.

 photo 9_zpsb76344c8.jpg OOTD. // Meow ^..^

 photo 10_zps7b0e599d.jpg No hurr in the face. // Outfit.

 photo 11_zps559ad6d8.jpg Mini eggs, all day, all night. // Did not know that Garnier did shampoo. But it smells soo good♥

So i'm hopefully going to learn from this post, and (hopefully) keep more on top of these Instagram posts! It's so annoying having to filter through what I've been up to, and choosing the best ones!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Close These Curtains.

 photo DSC_0027_e_zps5ac7b880.jpg  photo DSC_0063_zpsf60d3ee0.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zps7521d085.jpg  photo DSC_0046_e_zps7e28697e.jpg Top - H&M
Skirt - Primark
Boots - Newlook
Necklace & Rings - Vintage
Nails - Naturaal Collection, Peach Manicure

I got this top very last minute before my induction day at my new job, (bragging?) I don't know what came over me, but I decided what I was already wearing wasn't right, and i'm glad I got it now, as it's so comfy, and such a basic! (Why did it take me so long to get it?!)
This skirt just makes me feel like a fairy, it's such a pretty colour, and I like how swooshy it is. It's just so easy to pair with any sort of top or jumper really!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Closet Confidential | TAG

 photo blog_zps53651494.jpg I noticed the Closet Confidential tag floating round towards the end of February, and decided to hop on the bandwagon (that's such a blogger thing to say) and do one myself. (quite late to the party though.)
I also decided to tag the lovely girls Tashaand Claire

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nails of the day.

 photo DSC_0327_ee_zps133f323c.jpg I loved this Models Own shade in Grape Juice last year, and I'm so pleased I found it hidden in my stash again! Because there's still a slight chill in the air, I'm still wearing my wintery clothes, and I find that this lilac shade looks really pretty with an all black outfit, it matches so well!
It's a nice change switching to more pastel and light shades as I've been wearing darker colours for so long now, it just looks a lot more polished and cute.