Friday, 12 December 2014


 photo DSC_0232_zps7265da7a.png  photo DSC_0263_zps0ab4d03b.png  photo DSC_0280_zps206bb13d.png  photo DSC_0296_zps0b3b996a.png Top - Primark
Jeans - Monsoon
Scarf - Accessorize
Hat - H&M
Jacket - F21
Bag - Accessorize

I like dressing like a witch, and scaring children, I've been so bad with tolerating random people lately, I think it's from working in retail at Christmas time, one word, vile. I got the top super cheap in Primark, it was reduced to £3 I think and at the time I was looking for a top with a loose peplum type thing, and this fits the criteria perfectly.

I went to Society cafe, (which is a very popular Cafe in my town) and it's just a nice little cafe with Scandinavian influences. I got this amazing banana and chocolate vegan cake, and honestly it was heavenly, I need it everyday for the rest of my life. To go with it I had a Sweet Orange tea, which is a beautiful thing, as the same suggests, it's sweet and very fruity, I would recommend for anyone to try, you can get it loose from most tea shops I think!

Saturday, 6 December 2014


 photo DSC_0232_zps71e3a401.png  photo DSC_0243_zps5a919313.png  photo DSC_0252_zps4a2775bd.png Top & Skirt - H&M
Boots - Primark
Glasses - Newlook

Just realised I was wearing the same top in my last outfit post.. Bit awkward. But let's move past it.
I only picked this skirt up in Brighton to wear over my swimsuit, because I was too self conscious to go all out, but I think it looks quite cute with a plain top half.
All I can think about is Christmas, we have the Christmas market at the moment, and I am loving the pancake hut. Pancakes for everyone please.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Maintaining red hair.

 photo DSC_0200_zpsf0c26c21.jpg  photo DSC_0185_zps8c55e415.jpg I knew once I'd dyed my hair red that there would be a bit of upkeep involved, because as most of us know, red fades so damn easily! I think I've got a good routine going now though, and thought I'd share for anyone else interested!

Hair dye
I use the Schwarzkopf Live color in Radiant Red, and I do this once a month towards the end of the month, I really like the colour it gives, its dark, but still quite vibrant. To stop my hair from fading I will use this Crazy Color dye in Fire once a week, sometimes less depending on how the colours looking, and I'll just add it to my conditioner and apply it to the top half of my hair. The colours are kind of different, the Crazy Colour one is a bit more pinky, but I like adding it every now and then, it's a nice change!

I only use shampoos that are for coloured hair, as you can see only the top half of my hair is red, but obviously if your red all over, it would make sense to get a colour safe conditioner also.
The ones I have been using at the moment are the John Frieda Radiant Red and the Clairol Color Vibrancy. These are both good shampoo's for me, they keep as much of the colour locked in. The Clairol one also has extracts of Henna, which means that it also enhances the colour!

Dry shampoo
I used to be such a freak about how frequently I would wash my hair, if I went one day over, I would feel vile. But having red hair means that I've had to train myself aswell as my hair to relax a bit, and leaving it for longer without washing. I normally try to wash my hair 2-3 times a week, sometimes if it's really gross and I have work early, I will cheat and wash it before going to bed, but normally I'll stick to it. To help me through my gross hair times, I use the VO5 refresh me quick dry shampoo, it feels so light in my hair, and smells great too, I pretty much use this on a daily basis.
Normally for the first couple of days after it's been washed I'll have it down and all nice, and towards the end, i'll put it up, trying to pretend that it's nice clean hair.

These are the things I've been doing to make my colour last as long as possbile, let me know below if you do anything different!  
Zelà♥ photo DSC_0217_zps4c576ed5.jpg

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

5 Autumn Essentials

 photo DSC_0075_zpsde6d8b31.png  photo DSC_0092_e_zpsb6327ba6.jpg  photo DSC_0121_e_zps6312af10.jpg  photo DSC_0128_e_zps39623797.jpgTartan Scarf, Accessorize
Faux Leather Jacket (similar), F21
Boots, Primark
Rimmel nail varnish in 285 Style hunter
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 30

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. Which I like to mention quite a lot. I'd been curious about Leather jackets for a few years now, but didn't feel quite confident enough to get one, I worried that I might have looked a bit 'try hard' but I just thought 'sod it' if people don't think it doesn't suit me, it doesn't really matter, because I like it. And when I saw the reasonable price F21 were selling them for, I thought I might aswell! (Mine was less than £25) I love that it's a bit cropped, I think if it was any longer, it would look a bit awkward, especially on my body shape.
Literally as soon as we received this scarf in Accessorize I knew I was getting it. Tartan has been a big part in fashion for a while now, and again, it was something I had been putting off, I've also had my eye on this scarf, just waiting til pay day!
Sorry about how gross my boots look in this last picture, but you know, boots are made for wearing outside, and fields aren't clean. These are extremely comfy, a lot of people assume that because they're chunky that they wouldn't be easy to walk in, but they are an absolute dream! And I just think they're beautiful!

Sorry, I don't think stores actually sell this nail polish anymore (my bad) but I've been really into this colour recently, I don't even think I bought it, I'm sure I received it in a goody bag one year at Clothes Show Live. But it's a nice shade, it's an all rounder one I think, not too dark for Spring/Summer but not too bright for Autumn/Winter, just a nice muted shade.
I just absolutely love Rimmel lipsticks, I always find myself reaching for a Rimmel lipstick all year round. This one is a bit more darker in real life, but why I like it, is because it's not as dramatic and dark as most of my Autumny shades, it's quite subtle, but still has that bit of Autumn about it.
These are my Autumn Essentials this year, what are yours?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Feel Me

 photo DSC_0704_zps8b475283.png  photo 1_zpsb16bb3eb.png  photo DSC_0726_zps1797266d.png Jumper - H&M
Skirt - Newlook
Shoes - Primark
Cat face necklace - Snoopers Paradise

Blah blah, I work too much and use it as an excuse not to blog. I'm pretty bummed that I can't be out in the Autumn weather getting things done that I'd like to do. Whenever I am off, my boyfriend is at uni, so taking pictures atm is a real problem, so sorry about that, but i'll figure something out.

Ramble over, I love wearing all black. It's flattering and I think quite chic. In a way wearing all black can be tricky, because you don't want to look like a blob of black, but I find it's best to wear different textures if you were to wear all black! Can we all appreciate how adorable this little cat necklace is please? My boyfriend got it for me as a anniversary present, and he did very well. In love.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

This is basically an Autumn look.

 photo DSC_0101_zps6a18bac5.png  photo DSC_0109_zpsa50f9481.png  photo DSC_0197_zpsf2725ccb.png  photo DSC_0199_zps5aa6cd0e.png This is all a bit different for me, make up is something that I enjoy doing, but nothing I honestly thought I was amazing at, so therefore kept it away from my blog, because to be honest, there are so many amazing and more talented people, that it just seemed a bit pointless really for me to even try!
I'm normally so boring with my eyes, i'll just use a neutral colour and whack on some eyeliner and mascara and that'll be it, but I've been getting inspired by all the Autumn theemed videos and posts that I thought i'd try something different with my eyes, and I actually really like it!
It's nothing crazy like an intense smoky eye, because I would look like I'd been attacked.. Just a little bit of colour on the lids with some blending action. And the lips is just perfecto, love getting to wear these shades again!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Rimmel Wake me up Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
MUA Bronze Shimmer Kiss
Bourjois Blush in 34 Rose D'or

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and on bronze
MUA Undressed Palette, Shade 2 for the base, Shade 4 all over & Shade 10 in the corner.
Miss Sporty Waterproof Eye liner for anyone struggling with getting eye liner right, I recommend watching this video.
Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

MUA Matte Eyeshadow in Chestnut
Maybelline Brow Tint Mascara

Revlon Balm Stain in 005 Crush, I used this as as liner.
Rimmel Starry Eyed lipstick.

That's it really, super easy.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lost Causes

 photo DSC_0542_e_zpsc57a89b4.jpg  photo DSC_0549_zps05c148ac.jpg  photo DSC_0570_zps437e91a7.jpg  photo DSC_0582_zpsacf5f02c.jpg Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Monsoon
Bag - Accessorize
Green/grey stone Necklace - Accessorize
Blue stone Necklace - Crystal Shop
Shoes - Primark

Obviously, these were taken in Brighton, and having to edit them earlier made me super sad, really wish I didn't have to come home! I got this top the day I got paid, I'd been wanting it for months, and because I did a lot of over time, I thought I'd treat myself! It was £40 (eeek.) which I don't think I've ever spent on a top... But it's so beautiful, and it always broke my heart to walk away from it. These jeans were my work jeans, but I decided to rip holes in the knees, because i'm so edgy. (jokes.)